The torchbearers of the 21st century.

Promethean Teachers – 

Effectiveness and impact of educational transactions depend on what teachers think and do. At Prometheus, our educators drive all the domains of the educational process – curriculum, instructional practices, learning environment, assessment and use of technology. They encourage children to think independently, to respect themselves and others, to value excellence and reflect on various aspects. They make learning enjoyable, ensuring it as a child’s intrinsic interest and not an external award. They inculcate in the students the importance of sound values so that the latter can empathize with others and understand and appreciate diversity.

Promethean Students – 

Our students are curious, creative, respectful, compassionate, inclusive and responsible individuals. They have the integrity of character and courage to lead by example. They are not only physically fit but also mentally resilient, ethically strong and spiritually sound global citizens. They are an asset for family, society, nation and the world.

They are keen learners and explorers drawing heavily from reflections.

Promethean Parents – 

As a parent, everybody has an idea to share and an important story to tell. These experiences are extremely valuable and can be used as guiding lights for the next generation. A Promethean parent has an open mind and a compassionate heart. For the school, parents are not customers but partners in the growth and development of their children. They support their children’s desires to learn new things within and beyond school, and are committed to providing a conducive environment for the same. They actively engage with their children in inculcating the values of respect for elders & teachers and courtesy towards all. They are truly secular and inclusive in thought and action.